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Friday, 4 October 2013

Blog News, price increases - and my thoughts on e-publishing

sea penguin painting copyright barry nicol reproduced with permission
Going through all the Sea Penguin material from the last year or two I find I have enough for another two ebooks of about 20,000 words each.  I don't think there's any point in producing anything longer than 20,000 for an e-book - especially given the nature of the Sea Penguin tales.

So, Sea Penguins Five and Six are in the pipeline.

It may take me a while;  from 2008 till 2010/11 the blog was scrupulously well-organised, everything was labelled and dated, it had a kind of narrative drive, and therefore it was relatively easy to track things down and compile the first four ebooks.  However, after I shut it down for a while then savaged it and then salvaged the e-book material I became a lot less diligent and the whole thing has become, unfortunately, fairly messy.  It reminds me of the dog-eared pile of A4 notebooks languishing under my bed, actually.  And that's not nice.  I do hope to sort it out!
I'm spurred on by my feeling that the new e-books - well, one of them - will be the best yet.
Fiona Smith has just moved on from her post as editor of Shortbread Stories, and last week she paid me the compliment of saying that since 2008, which is when I began writing, I've gone from being a good writer to a "great writer".  (I think she meant "great" as in "better than I was".)  I HOPE Sea Penguin Five will reflect that.

I've over 30 stories on Shortbread Stories and I'm only really satisfied with about ten of them.  Now that I feel more sure of myself as a writer, I'm going to ask the new editor to remove some that I feel are especially bad.

Do excuse the dearth of new posts on here meanwhile.  It's a lot of work!

I've also put the prices of Sea Penguins One to Four back to their original £3 or thereabouts (it's converted from dollars by the Amazon system, and in the U.S. I'm charging $4.99), and I've decided I'm not keen on the Amazon free promotion system, either.  It's tempting to use it to give your ratings a boost, but after putting a lot of work into a book, why give it away for free?  Either people want to buy it, or not.  I've had hundreds of e-books downloaded for nothing, and no feedback whatsoever, so I'm fairly sure that in most of those cases people are simply looking for a freebie and then don't read it.  Or, they read it and don't like it.
My work is never going to be commercial, I'm not capable of historical romances, porn or cookery books (believe me, I'd do it if I could!), and I'd far rather have only a few genuine readers who are sufficiently interested to actually fork out a couple of pounds.
I've done an awful lot of writing for free for the past five years, which has been great practice and often very enjoyable. I don't mind continuing with a certain amount of that, but the whole Amazon situation is leaving me feeling quite ripped off, cheap, and feeling that by doing free promotions I'm not only undervaluing myself but am being unfair to readers who paid full price for the ebooks in the first place.
I'm still looking around for a way of publishing digitally that doesn't involve a massive juggernaut like Amazon or a website that's full of rubbish.  I could of course send my stuff away to a publisher, but that would involve the dismal prospect of waiting in a slush pile for months with, I'm fairly sure, no hope of success.
Ah well.  Sea Penguin Part Five rumbles ever nearer and it'll most likely appear along-side the others in due course, on Amazon.  I've got a good cover for it - Barry's art work, as usual.