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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Now Reading....

...The Magician,  by Somerset Maugham.

I have a book of Maugham's short stories - sixty four of them - that I bought from a charity shop for a pound or something.  (A rare bargain) I've read about twenty so far, and there isn't one I haven't liked.

However, The Magician isn't grabbing me so far and I'm a little disappointed because I bought it NEW on the back of enjoying the stories so much and also because the central character was based on Aleister Crowley, whom my ancestor Hector Macdonald reputedly met in Paris shortly before shooting himself, and I was really looking forward to Maugham's "take".  The writing style is not as sharp as in the stories, I think, and, perhaps because it's an early work, the psychological observation not as acute - and overall I'm just not being swept along.
Mind you, I'm only on chapter two!
I will persevere.

Interesting to read for the first time by the way, two of his stories that were made into films that I know quite well.  The Letter,  which starred Bette Davis,  and Rain, which starred Joan Crawford.