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Sunday, 24 November 2013

A few thousand miles away from here,  LA poet Wanda Coleman has died aged just 67.  I just read an obituary in the LA Times, which popped up on my timeline - link beneath poem.   It includes comments from her scathing reviews of  some of Maya Angelou's work - for example 'another traipse to the trough'!  Ouch ouch ouch.   I don't suppose Angelou cared.   This is someone whose work I would like to read.   I'm taking the liberty of cutting and pasting the poem from the end of the obituary.  It was written when she was older.  I am older too, and I am always interested in other older people's thoughts.   (As long as they're not dull.  Or even if they ARE dull.  Because then I can think,  that is not how I want to be!)

"Southerly Equinox."
who am i? what am i? are no longer important questions.
knowing that i am is finally enough
like discovering dessert is delicious following a disastrous
meal, a sweetness that reawakens
the palate, or finding that one's chalice is unexpectedly
filled with elixir of euphoria
and i stumble happily into the cornucopia, arms
outstretched, upturned, drunk
my heart athrum, bones full samba. the night
blesses me with his constellations
baptizes me with his deathless autumnal chill
and i invade the moody indigo
full-throated and singing,0,3349194.story?page=2#ixzz2lYvyvYHr

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