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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fundraising for Shortbread Stories

I have about thirty stories on Dundee-based website Shortbread Stories and they can all be read via the widget on the right hand side of the page.  Here is a link to my profile page on the site as well.
I've been involved with the site as a contributor on and off since it began about five or six years ago.  I've always liked the site, it's easy to use and non-threatening.  The only problem is, I wish it would raise its game and show off some of the really good writing that is on there.  It's expanded so much (about 20,000 members now I think) and has such a vast back catalogue of mostly completely unedited work, that the quality stuff gets lost.  
The site was founded by Robin Pilcher who set it up and funded it himself for the first few years;  however a couple of years ago it moved from private ownership to charitable status and it is currently run on a voluntary basis solely by Rachel Marsh with a 'silent partner' who seems to do absolutely nothing.  They have no money at all, apparently.
Everyone involved with the site can see it needs a complete re-vamp.  There are loads of very annoying glitches and it's unbelievably slow.  There is no technical support on offer, at all, which is extremely frustrating for users.  Obviously they can't do anything about this until they get some money together.
I think they are hopeful of securing long term funding, somehow, and they do have 'plans', but in the meantime I and a couple of others have offered to donate any profits from e-book sales to Shortbread Stories on a time-limited basis.  I've said I'll donate mine from now till Easter, simply because my sales are non-existent and perhaps a fairly long stretch of time will at least produce Something.  A week or two would be pointless.
To be honest I've no idea where the site is going, but I feel it's a worthwhile enterprise which gives people who enjoy writing but who probably will never, ever get a publishing deal, a place to put their work and maybe, just maybe, improve.   In addition to those there is genuinely an awful lot of good writing which deserves to be in a book or a compilation or Something other than the back end of a very large and creaky website, and I think that perhaps a new anthology might be on the way.  One of my stories (my only children's story)  is in the first one, which can still be purchased for £5.99 via the website link above - it's on the front page, where I am, incidentally, described as 'our lovely Kate Smart'. It doesn't happen often so I'll enjoy the moment.

Here is a link to my Amazon UK page where all my e-books can be found, and here is a link to Amazon US.

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