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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Getting it Worng/Bitchin' Kitchin.

'Mind?  Mind?  We're all going to Die!  Of course I mind!'
'No Tuppy.  You've got it all wrong.'
'What do you mean,  got it worng?  I'm not insane!'
Yes, it was one of Those conversations.  Me and the T-G, by the fire, late at night, bit tetchy.  Bit low on the old driftwood.  Drunk ourselves sober with a bitchin' head.
'I'll think you'll find that you are.  Insane.  Completely,  totally, and utterly.  And it's WRONG, not Worng.'
'Oh, chop one of your wooden legs off and chuck it on the fire.  I'm freezing.'
'No?  You selfish bastard.'
'Fancy a bacon sandwich?'
'Go on then.'
'I suppose I'd better not burn a leg then, else I won't be able to make it through to the kitchen.'
'I suppose we have a choice then, don't we.  Warmth, or a bacon sandwich.'
'This is what it boils down to, yes.  Or, to what it boils down.  Or whatever.'
'Such is life.'
'So it would seem.'
'Or sew it wood seam, if you're being choosy.'
'All right, that is enough.  I'm going to sleep now.'

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