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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Now Reading...Gil Scott Heron's 'The Last Holiday'

As expected when I bought the book in St Andrews last week and contrary to my suspicions after leafing quickly through it (as you do) as soon as I got it home, I am enjoying 'The Last Holiday - A Memoir'.
I've reached the part where he mentions his dad, Gilbert St Elmo Heron, being 'discovered' by the Scottish football team (I'm saying nothing) and then going over to Scotland to play for Celtic where he did fabulously well and became known as, I gather from Wiki, The Black Flash.  From this side of the Atlantic a tale that has slipped into urban myth and folk memorabilia status.  It was then that young Gil went to Jackson to live with his gran.  I've left him there for now.
I'm still rather dreading the part where he seems to morph into the ambitious and rather horribly 'hip' English might be OK.....I hope.... I hope.....*thinks, don't let me down - pleeeze.....*

In the mean-time here is a quote from the intro that I really liked.
'We all need to see folks reach beyond what looks possible and make it happen.  We need more examples of how to make it happen.  We will all face difficult circumstances along the way that will challenge our self-confidence and try to disrupt our decisions about the directions we wish to choose.  I hope this book will remind you that you can succeed, that help can arrive from unexpected quarters at times that are crucial.'
I do feel that at my time of life quotes like that are a bit pointless.  I'm well past the age when 'success' might happen.  I stumble along hoping for the best i.e. hoping that I can pay my mortgage and my next leccy bill, and maybe get a couple of beers in now and then.  But I wish I'd had more faith in myself when I was young, and I do love to see 'the young making a go of things'.
Do not let the bastards grind you down.  EVER.   Unless it can't be avoided of course. Life isn't easy and sometimes there's nothing for it but to hide behind the largest sofa around (try DFS) until you feel it's safe to come out....

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