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Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Lost Fairy Tunes from Long Ago (not)

Writing is for me an escape from the every day.  It's a retreat from the norm.  It's a means of transcending if you like.  It takes me away from the daily grind of cobbling the finances together and can we manage this and can we manage that and getting old and fretting about death and all manner of possible illnesses in myself and loved ones.  It's a means of making sense of my life and re-making things as they might have been, could have been, should have been, should not have been, and certainly never were and thank goodness for it.
It's also a craft and a skill, to be worked at and improved.  Sometimes, it's about scratching an itch or lancing a boil and letting the poison out to I Know Not Where but can hazard a guess.  Mainly, it's about the spirit, about finding the music that eludes me - the lost fairy tunes from long ago, smoke rings vanishing in the cool night air.  The hum of bees buzzing on tea roses outside an open window, and the smell of furniture polish.  Butter sliding over home-grown potatoes, with mint....a fire crackling in the grate.
My life's not like that.  If it were, I'd be Joanna Trollope.
There's a shadow outside the window that scares me, there's never enough coal, the grate needs cleaning and I cannot be arsed.
Other than that, it's all fine and dandy.

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