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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Today's Walk - Mill Dam, Perthshire

mill dam 27/2/14 sea penguin
Mill Dam

monster head seaa penguin 27/2/14
I always think this looks like a monster's head

burn sea penguin 27/2/14
Burn at The Glack

to loch of the lowes 27/2/14 sea penguin
Looking south towards Loch of the Lowes

A walk today which I know very well indeed.  To the Mill Dam, near Dunkeld in Perthshire.  I must have been there hundreds of times over the last twenty odd years.  It used to be a fairly dark walk up a forestry track, until you got to the open area round the Dam, but recently many of the forestry trees have been felled and it's a lot more open, albeit a bit Somme-like with tree stumps and rutted tracks and the general detritus and destruction left behind.  However, trees are already well on the way to regenerating the forests in places - not sure if they will stay there as they aren't native species.  I'm not sure what the forestry policy is regarding trees at the moment - I think they aim for a mix of native trees rather than the depressing blanket coverage of stifling sitka spruce favoured by them in the 60s and 70s.  They seem to be chopping a heck of a lot down, anyway.
It's often a good walk for seeing wildlife.  It's very unusual not to see red squirrels and roe and fallow deer.  However, today I saw none of those except for a few roe deer grazing in a field on my drive back.  I saw only a pair of buzzards displaying, a pair of swans on the far side of the Dam, and a couple of tufted duck.  There's usually a robin hopping about by the seat at the Dam, looking for crumbs from people's sandwiches, but even that wasn't around today.  Very quiet.  I look forward to going up there in a month or two when it is a brilliant place for seeing newts and frogs.  And by then of course, the ospreys will have arrived.  They fish regularly in the Dam during the summer months.

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