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Friday, 7 February 2014

Today's Walk. St Andrews, Camus and Gil Scott Heron.

A day out to St Andrews today.  Bright sunshine and bookshop vouchers to spend. And a walk along the beach, of course.
I'm looking forward to reading both my purchases.  Camus' The Sea Close By caught my eye at the till.  Sort of the bookshop equivalent of sweeties in Tesco.  I've read a fair bit of Camus but not this.  It looks good.  "Finally they call upon me to tell them who I am.  'Nothing yet, nothing yet...'"  And I bought Gil Scott-Heron's The Last Holiday - A Memoir.  I fully expected to like it but having had a quick flick through it I'm not so sure.  There seems to be a lot of stuff about being an ambitious writing professor, which is not at all what I envisaged.  I'll read it though, and see.
St Andrews is an odd town, full of students and studenty places and golfing fanatics and golfery places, but with a feeling that there is a less privileged side lurking around too.  Nice to wander through on foot, not nice at all to drive in.  Or rather, to find a parking space in.  Not too bad at this time of year though, as the beach car park is free till March.  The beach is vast.  It's good to walk along at low tide despite the inevitability of that Chariots of Fire music ringing in your head.  There are generally quite a lot of people on it but it's so big you hardly notice.  People walk their dogs, jog, fly kites, play rounders, windsurf.  There are other, prettier beaches in Fife but this one is so iconic it's always worth a visit.

st andrews sea penguin 7/2/14
Enjoying the vastness of St Andrews beach

f & D window sea penguin 7/2/14
If you're a fan of cakes & pastries Fisher & Donaldson, bakers, is for you.

bookshop books sea penguin 7/2/14
My bookshop buys

Rook sea penguin 7/2/14
A random rook at the car park

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