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Thursday, 13 March 2014

An Excerpt from Sea Penguin Part One (available on Amazon Kindle)

I've been re-reading my e-books with  view to condensing them into one volume (have been meaning to do this for AGES but it's such a hassle), and thought I'd blog an excerpt from the first one.  It's from the second half of the book, so completely out of context.

Here it is.

'By the way, Tuppence was considered too young to be rostered, but no doubt he will accompany us on our nightly cliff-top patrols. He wasn't at the tea, due to needing to recover from his recent time travelling. He was staying in with a mustard plaster and a copy of "The Worst Journey in the World" - which he says he can top. We can tell him all about it later. 
Post Twenty-nine 
Geoffrey and I embarked upon our first cliff-top patrol last evening, as rostered by the Tupfinder General. It was a dark and stormy night, the wind was howling and the sea surged violently against the rocks far below as we negotiated the cliffs. Even Geoffrey was struggling to master the fearful blasts of wind, and I knew that a strong gust could send me over the top in a trice. I did not want to end up like Doctor Wilson, chewed up and spat - or belched - out by the killer whale.  The Tupfinder on the other hand was planning on enjoying his night off by having a hot bath then putting his feet up with a good book in front of the fire. He said he might have a crack at Tennyson. "Perhaps he'll push the boat out and put two bars on instead of one," I mused, as I picked my way along the close-cropped turf. (Close-cropped by me, might I add). "Do you think the Tupfinder Generals are really short of cash, or just stingy?" Geoffrey asked suddenly. "It's so hard to tell with them." "I'm not sure. He gave us a decent spread, what with the red salmon and all. And those crisps were Walker's, not own brand."  "Yes, but the cherry madeira was definitely Somerfield's," Geoffrey pointed out. "Fair enough, but that could indicate either stinginess in not wanting to fork out the extra for Mr Kiplings, or merely that like me he actually prefers Somerfield's own brand cherry madeira. And what about the dear crisps?" "The crisps could have been bogofs." "Hmm. What did you think of the tea?" "Definitely yellow pack. He must be short of funds, surely." We both nodded agreement and continued on our way, our sympathy now thoroughly with the Tupfinder Generals. We didn't ponder long on whether, if in his shoes, we would have sacrificed the red salmon for a better class of teabag. We were only too thankful we had not been offered coffee. One of our tasks was to sabotage the electricity supply lines attached to the Fulmar's security light system. We had all agreed - Geoffrey, me, and the Tupfinder General - that it was a priority to shut down that awful system at all costs. Apsley and Cherry would never agree to it, so we knew it would be a complete waste of time to even attempt to raise it in a reasonable manner - e.g. at their BarBQ this weekend. So, we had a set of wire cutters and some rubber gloves in a small wallet which I was carrying round what was supposed to be my waist. We planned not to make a clean cut but to make it appear as if the rats had nibbled through the wires. With any luck, Apsley and Cherry would then take against the rats and fling them over the top at first opportunity. Thus we would kill two birds with the one stone - not that we wanted to kill ANY birds! Geoffrey never uses that phrase - it brings him out in a cold sweat. But come to think of it - we could kill THREE birds with the one stone, viz. outcomes a - breakdown of security lights, and b, breakdown of relationship between the Fulmars and the rats, and now c, following logically from b, reduction if not cessation of their lucrative smuggling operation , which depended entirely on the labour of.....

to read more, you can find it on Amazon Kindle,  here.   And if you like it, there are four more in the series.

Smart, Kate (2012-02-22). Sea Penguin: Part One - Tall Tales from the Rocky Outcrop (Sea Penguin Selections) (Kindle Locations 785-793).  . Kindle Edition.


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