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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Two new e-book reviews

There are two recent new favourable reviews of Sea Penguin Part One.  One is on Amazon UK and the other is on Amazon US.  Find them via this link here.

'Honest, fresh writing from a great storyteller. Kate sews her words together in such a way that the reader feels a part of things. I would recommend this book to one and all.'

'Although the humanoid and anthropomprphic characters are obviously fictional I could almost sense real crofters. Real people sitting around a fire place, silent, smoking a pipe with a dram of whisky in hand wondering; Did the author mean me? The Rocky Outcrop tales could be slotted into any society that inhabits the western costal Islands and regions of Scotland. The breakdown of the 'posts' or diary inserts makes this an easy read in a conversational manner and I felt shoulder to shoulder with the narrator as we went along. It was good to put it down now and again unless I was dragged over the cliff with some of the mad hatter escapades, but then this is fun fiction. I wasn't able to pick up any social messges other than they all eat 'stovies' drink Madeira and smoke Blackbogey tobacco and the occasional cherry and sultana cake. This the parody of the Scottish tea time is alive throughout and of course there are 'Fishfingers at one',
Whatever your taste in fiction read this and decide if this could fill a commuter slot on the train, if nothing else you'll look at seagulls and wonder only if. A piece of escapism for all the family and there are a further four books of the Tales from the Rocky Outcrop. Ideal for adaption for TV series on CBBC'.

It's a bit odd reading people's views on stuff I wrote five or six years ago, but I'm very grateful none the less.  I really should go ahead with the plan I've had for the last two years, and collect all four books and make them into one volume - but then it might be too much to digest....I feel the fifth volume ('Our Front Door') veers off into a somewhat different mode....and might not fit with the first four.  Oh well.  
By the way,  these two reviews both come from members of Shortbread Stories website;  they have kindly bought the book because for some insane reason I have pledged all proceeds from e-book sales to Shortbread, until Easter.  I am grateful for their kind reviews.

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