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Monday, 28 April 2014

Blog/Writing News

I've been quite busy contributing to Shortbread Stories over the past week or two.  My story The Mysterious Death of Clint Clanton has been popular, but you might as well read the version I've got on the blog here because it has illustrations, which Shortbread can't include on their main website.  However, Shortbread have put my illustration of 'Shortbread Personified' (which I sent in in response to a request for any visual ideas) on their Pinterest board.  I contributed a related piece for their writing competition 'Shortbread Personified', which you can find here. And my blog piece about being an Ageing Female Would-be Author is still up on the front page here, for the moment. (I notice that they have managed to illustrate THAT with a photo of some really ancient women.  I am trying to come to terms with getting older, but I'm not THAT decrepit - yet. *takes umbrage*)

In other news,  I've been browsing Ivor Cutler books on Amazon (nothing for 1p, so I probably won't buy one - I'll be FORCED to use my local library instead - wish me luck, because it's becoming crappier by the day, packed to the rafters as it generally is with geriatrics and nursery schoolchildren - both ends of the age spectrum and both equally as noisy as the other - and when I say 'noisy', I MEAN noisy - as in aeroplane-taking-off noisy), I finished Alan Clark's Diaries (which I enjoyed, despite the eye-popping snobbery and some startling remarks about Hitler); I'm now half-way through Iris Murdoch's The Sandcastle, and quite enjoying that too.

In addition, I've been re-reading my grandfather's letters written to me when I was a teenager.  One of them includes an account of his service in the First World War.  I will post details of this shortly.

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