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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Reflections on > Scottish Islands Explorer: Straight and Narrow

Scottish Islands Explorer: Straight and Narrow: Some people have comfort zones in which they spend much of their lives. There are infinite routes to follow in life, but the appeal of th...

camus malag sea penguin august 2012
Rum and Loch Slapin from Camus Malag,  Skye
A link to a blog post on Scottish Islands Explorer blog.  It reminds me of my great-aunt, who spent her life crofting in a tiny area of Skye - firstly on her father's croft and later, when she married, on her husband's.  She never left the area, not even to go to Portree,  until she got very old, and then she'd spend the worst of the winter in Inverness with my grandmother.

Why?  I guess it was largely to do with money.  But it was also the way of life at that time.  No TV, no telephone, no internet. No transport.  Your world was what you could see within your own horizons, especially if you were a woman.  Men went off to sea, of course, to fish or to the merchant navy sometimes. You had that sense of the deep oceans around.

From what I remember of these people, they were not diminished in any way because of this.  Or at least, it did not appear so, to me.

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