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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Today's Walk - Mill Dam, Perthshire

The walk up

wild primrose sea penguin 10/4/14
Wild primrose

beaver trees 10/4/14 sea penguin
Beavers have clearly moved in to the area

Heading uphill towards the burn that tumbles into the loch - deer just about visible

mill dam 10/4/14 sea penguin

10/4/14 sea penguin
Mill Dam, Perthshire

A Comma butterfly - quite rare hereabouts

A walk into the gentle hills a mile or two east of Dunkeld, that I've done perhaps hundreds of times over the last 20 years.  I walked up the forestry track to the small loch called the Mill Dam, and then followed a deer track uphill and right round (see photos).  It's about 5 or 6 miles in all, but I often do a shorter version which is about 3 miles, just to the loch and back.  Today was warm and sunny and really a joy to be out and about, so I went for the longer route.  I was interested to see a LOT of beaver activity with numerous chewed and felled trees round the loch - this is a very recent thing, I haven't noticed it on previous visits and my last one was only about a month ago.
Was pleased to have my first osprey sighting of this year.  I also saw a fair amount of frog spawn (though not nearly as much as usual - perhaps a little early yet),  tufted ducks, wild swans, peacock butterflies, and the beautiful comma pictured above.  I didn't manage to get a close up as my camera ran out of space just at the vital moment!  A few lovely primroses, as well.
I also saw a couple of red deer - one is just visible in the distance in one of the photos.  I got quite close, they didn't notice me for quite a while.
The track seems to be getting used by 4 x 4s now.  Possibly off-roading tuition or something.  Again, this is a new thing. Hope they won't be too intrusive.

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