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Monday, 12 May 2014

I decided to put the Sea Penguin story I mentioned a week or so ago on Shortbread Stories - here is the link.  I have to say it isn't my best writing.  It's 'under-written', i.e. bunged out straight on the page as fast as I could think it up, and not re-written at all.  All the Sea Penguin Tales have been pretty much speed-written like that - and there is such a mass of them now that the thought of going back and re-writing and editing is just overwhelming*.  It's embarrassing having stuff 'out there' that I know I could improve and polish up;  however, on balance I think I'd rather just move on and do some more 'Clint Clantons'.  Different head space entirely.
*if anyone wishes to fund me for a year**, so that I don't have to do a 'job' to earn 'munny', I will gladly spend that year re-writing Sea Penguin to my satisfaction.
** as if.

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