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Monday, 2 June 2014

Sea Penguin Part Two is Free to Download from Amazon this week

Here's the link.

And an excerpt.....

'The engines purred away nicely and soon we were at warp speed . In no time, or should I say, less time, as we were really travelling backwards, we could see the hulks and the Infra Inn far below us. Tuppence zoomed down for a closer look and we were simply appalled at what we saw. We had been under the impression that the hulks were prison ships, used to accommodate unfortunates from ... Over There. But how wrong we were. Yes, there were some miserable looking unfortunates hobbling and skulking round the hulks, but they were acting as guards, not prisoners, and were carrying long sharp pointy spears and machetes. They were guarding large groups of sheep and lambs, all packed into crates and bleating piteously as they waited for... well, we knew what they were waiting for. Ships crewed by rats waited beside the hulks while cranes heaved frozen carcases high above the decks and then down into the tightly packed holds. Some carcases were even hanging from the rigging of the ships. We could see where Apsley and Cherry got their BarBQ supplies from. A container labelled BurgasRUS sat evilly by the forecastle of one of the ships. Tuppence managed some nifty flying manoeuvres and he buzzed the deck. The sheep all looked up as one, with tears of hope in their eyes, and we gave them the thumbs up as we passed. I rolled down the window and managed to throw down a mustard plaster or two - though that would be scant use to them. If only they could hang on! A rat aimed a machete at our propeller and sliced half of it off. That threw the steering off , and Geoffrey had to clamber out onto the wing to effect an immediate repair, else goodness knows where we would have ended up. He was extraordinarily brave, carrying the roll of Elastoplast in his beak and dextrously taping up the propeller while avoiding any injury to himself.
"If you're going to eat them, you might as well eat ALL of them," we heard one of the rats cackle, waving a blood-stained cleaver. By "all", I presume he meant every one of us, as well as every bit of us. We zoomed back to the Rocky Outcrop as fast as the craft would go. We had to think of a plan to release the sheep and lambs on the hulks , and fast. Lives were at stake.'

Smart, Kate (2012-03-02). Sea Penguin: Part Two - More Tall Tales from the Rocky Outcrop (Sea Penguin Selections) (Kindle Locations 160-169).  . Kindle Edition.

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