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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Walk of the Day - the Coral Beaches, Isle of Skye

 dunvegan castle cafe
Dunvegan Castle car park & cafe. I usually pop in here on the way to the beaches, just because.

 enjoying a 'fly cup'

 dunvegan head from claggan
Dunvegan Head seen from the path to the beaches

 mcleods tables
Looking back to the McLeod's Tables

 the coral beaches
Approaching the coral beaches

 at the beach
At the beach

 at the beach 2012

 mcleods tables 2012
Looking up Loch Dunvegan on the return - there's a seal colony and it's a good spot for otters 

 loch dunvegan 2012
Another view of Loch Dunvegan,  with the castle 

Bit quiet on the blog at the moment as I have a lot going on in my life at the moment.  Difficult to focus on things till I clear my feet a bit,  so I'm just treading water,  reviewing and recycling old stuff until I move forward a little.
Lots of plans.
Here are some photos of my favourite walk, meanwhile.  Taken in 2012.
The Coral Beaches walk was featured as one of the best walks in the UK in some magazine or other a few years ago, and it is really popular. People seem to make a day of it after visiting the Castle.  But don't let that put you off.
It begins on a very well-signposted track which leaves a car park about 3 miles past the Dunvegan Castle entrance, and it is nothing short of divine on a sunny day, truly.  You think I exaggerate - I do not.  Heavenly place.  The best part is, it isn't very long, just a couple of miles.  Now I think about it,  it might even be possible to get there in a wheelchair, if you have someone very determined to help!  I hate to think that anyone might miss out.  On the downside, the path is quite unpleasantly stony in places and occasionally muddy, and there are a couple of gentle gradients, and a stream to cross, and sometimes I have encountered unnerving cows.  It can be very windy. This is all nothing to the average and sensibly-attired fit and healthy walker, of course.  And when you reach the beaches, your spirits soar.
You can swim if you like. There are usually seals to watch, and terns and gannets diving.  Occasionally eagles.  

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