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Monday, 7 July 2014

Whingers Anonymous Badge... and a bit about the history of the blog

Geoffrey's Whingers Anonymous badge

For anyone who's not read the blog before, these new posts are 'Tuppy and Geoffrey' posts.  Tuppy and Geoffrey are the two original 'Sea Penguin' characters.  They're pictured on the cover of Sea Penguin - Part One.  I wrote about their exploits solidly for about four years, starting in 2008, and Barry Nicol, my artist partner, did the picture for me.  It still hangs on our livingroom wall.  They were quite popular, but I got really fed up due to persistent harassment from some really aggressive people online (I was inexperienced re. the internet at that point), ditched the blog for a while and went off in different directions.  For some reason I seem to have re-discovered their voice, and I'm quite glad, because I had a huge affection for them and losing the blog and my daily writing fun was (almost) like cutting an arm off.
About a million more Tuppy and Geoffrey posts can be found in the five e-books that I have published on Amazon. Here's a link through to my Amazon page.

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