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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Today's Walk - Stare Dam, Rohallion, Perthshire

A short walk round the Stare Dam, which is a scenic loch behind Birnam Hill on the back road between Bankfoot and Dunkeld.  We approached it via Murthly.  I thought it was called Rohallion Loch but I think I was mistaken, I think that's another one, adjoining.  It's difficult to tell from Google maps, to be honest.  I need to get a proper O.S. map.
I really like the countryside round there but for some odd reason I haven't explored it from that direction at all - I intend to go back another day when I've more time.  It looks like a fantastic place for wildlife-spotting and there are two standing stones nearby which I'd like to see close-up.  I have climbed Birnam Hill several times (bit too much of a steep incline for my comfort, but the views are just about worth it) but I don't think I've ever taken the detour near the top to see another feature of interest - Rohallion Castle, which I think is the smallest castle in Scotland (and now pretty much a pile of rubble).  I think I was probably too puffed out if I'm honest.
Today we parked in the layby opposite the loch and walked up the track, and followed it round. Quantities of water mint, and really lovely trees.
Water mint

From the road

Peacock butterfly

Damsel fly

Trees by the Stare Dam

from the Bankfoot road

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