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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Another Kind Review

The estimable Oscar McCloud has kindly given Sea Penguin Part Three - Death at Your Fireside a five star review on Amazon.  I will reproduce it here.
'The not so ordinary adventures at the Rocky Outcrop continues with a seemingly innocent discussion around the fireside. Is death avoidable? Tuppy decides that something has to be done about the Grimm Reaper who is stalking the area and collecting their souls.
There are so many intertwined and interconnected depths in these tales where the characters take on almost real human identity that if you let your imagination free you will certainly go mad but in a pleasant way.
Tuppence the lamb has now become a menace with his gang of rats and has retreated into the tunnels beneath the Outcrop where he is stealing electricity from the Fulmars to drive his prog rock band.
Tuppy has enough of Dr Wilson’s warnings about Swine flu and the obesity dangers of eating fudge doughnuts and he and Geoffrey set off for St Kilda. Blown off course they end up on Flannan Isle and are trapped there by Tuppence who steals their boat. They get rescued and return only to try and escape to Cuba, once again they are blown off course and end up in Greenland and dragged into the ‘Christmas spending fever’.
There are lashings of Purple Peril cocktails, a meth and Madeira mixture and lots of salty snacks with the act of blowing up of crisp packets and bursting them in the Puff Inn. As well as lashings of satirical fun about eco warriors living in Yurts, tourists dropping their litter of snuff movies, second homes and expenses and 62 inch televisions on which they watch the Eurovision Song contest and Britain’s got Talent. Of course there are the never-ending poke at unhealthy living and warnings from Dr Wilson who lives on seaweed.
The conflict with the Baby Orca, a killer whale determined to have revenge on Tuppy for killing its mother continues. A new visitor Nippy Grimshaw who is spreading doom and gloom is sent over the cliff by a gust of wind and has to be rescued from the Baby Orca. Tense moment of awfulness ensues.
I must admit a felt a moment of nostalgic thoughts of my younger days when butterscotch angel delight was mentioned and my mouth began watering.
I found this an exciting but weird continuation of the Rocky Outcrop Adventures and enjoyed the tongue in cheek dig at contemporary society making me chuckle at the truth of it all. I almost feel and wonder if the author through the voice of Tuppy is actually living out these mad escapades and her best friend really is a Seagull in her mind at least. A fun read and recommended escapism.'

Here is the link to Sea Penguin Part Three - available on Kindle (and can be read on any device that can download the free Kindle app)

Thanks so much once again Oscar - I love these characters, I lived with them for years as I wrote these Tales, (and still do!) and it means a great deal to know that others appreciate them too.

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