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Sunday, 21 September 2014

My Novel Progress Chart, or N.P.C. - plus, More Wrinkles than a Wrinkly Person's Dangly Bits

September 21st and I've done bog all.
I can't blame it on anything, I've had plenty of time.
Ah well.  I'm sure I'll hit my stride at some point - possibly just as I'm toppling into my grave or being wheeled into the back of an ambulance, having collapsed with a bad case of apathy.
In other news - regarding the Snottish Referenderererererereeedenedededum, I think it's all pretty ghastly, basically, and a lot of nasty rhetoric flying about on both sides. Last week, for example, we were to 'grab a granny'.  I always thought that was unwise, on lots of levels.  This week,  grannies are to blame for Everything, being stupid and gullible or greedy and mean.  A lot of grannies are aged about 40 by the way.  And some over 70s are involved in online pron and so forth (for want of a better phrase).  This may be to supplement their pensions and/or just because they enjoy it.  Others are involved in 'rock/beat/pop combos', such as that well-known group, the Rolling Stones. More wrinkles than a very very wrinkly male person's dangly bits.  Mind you they live somewhere else don't they.  If they don't they probably should.  And, they're grandads, rather than grannies.  Although I'm not sure that gender really matters much.  Or indeed sexual orientation.  I'm getting muddled again.  I'd better have a wee lie down and a swig of my Sanatogen.
Overall, best to sit back and hope that the dust settles*.
*N.B. I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm a 'clart'. Any settled dust will of course be removed IMMEDIATELY, using a soft cloth and a bowl of hot soapy water.  *fetches pinny and Marigolds*

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