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Sunday, 28 September 2014

New Review on Amazon - and free Kindle promotion tomorrow

Oscar McCloud has written another thoroughly kind review - this time of Sea Penguin Part Four.
Here it is.

The new year starts with Tuppy and Geoffrey determined to live a healthy life and give up their addictions to salty snaxs; but can they keep their resolution or does events overtake them? Geoffrey decides to go traveling with the migrating geese and eats only seaweed and fish. He sends letters home to keep his friends informed of his travels, which includes getting his feathers scorched by a Nuclear Power station.
Technology starts to arrive with the new road for the Wind Turbine farm that the residents decide has to be stopped. But advancement in other devices come along, there are digital cameras, a Hadron Colider, a giant gym with running machines and a useful device, the Laser gun. The gun’s sole purpose is to blast the skin off the top of rice puddings.
Of course there is the Tuppfinder’s Soul Extractor machine, which causes fear and disruption. However this device seems to take second place to the other escapades on the Rocky Outcrop.
Tuppence the delinquent lamb has embarked on smuggling by wrecking ships, he continues singing with his rock group including the backing group of rats at the lock ins at the Puff Inn. He goes on to devise a ‘munny’ making scheme by turning Baby Orca into fish fingers. The point that Baby Orca is a mammal and not a fish is lost on him. This leads us on to learn the true ‘Hierarchy of Meat’ or better put; as your place in the food chain. In an attempt to warn Baby Orca our heroes are left adrift on the high seas and need to be rescued once again.
There are plenty lashings of Medeira, cocktails of Purple Peril, cravings for salt snacks and poor Geoffrey develops a craving that becomes an addiction to Black Bun and he needs to be saved from his downward spiral into hell.
Although this is a continuation of the previous Sea Penguin parts 1- 3, the story line has become adrift and is bobbing on the ocean currents, the reader therefore needs to keep their wits about them to stay engaged, but otherwise an enjoyable adventure around the Rocky Outcrop.
Fun reading and a must after parts 1 - 3.

Thanks Oscar - very much appreciated.  Not many people take the time to write reviews and I thank you very much.  I hope you and others might have a crack at Part Five, which will be available free for the next few days (it's only 77p anyway.....but hardly anyone's shown any interest.  I've re-read it and although I have considered unpublishing it because it's a bit disjointed, some of it is quite funny, and worth preserving,  although I say so myself...)

Here's the link.

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