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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Today's Walk - Tentsmuir beach

The sea, the sea.  Nothing as soothing to the worn-ragged soul than constancy, and there is nothing more constant than the gentle wash of waves on a sunny, sandy beach.  The weather today was perfect, with just the right amount of breeze.
Two quid to park though.  Bit steep for a beach and some toilets.  I suppose the metal barriers prevent 'undesirables' coming in at night and lighting fires, leaving tons of rubbish and so forth, as they do at numerous other popular spots.
Tentsmuir beach is not far from St Andrews, with its famed West Sands.  And they're similar; both are vast, and you can walk and walk and let your mind drift.  I like St Andrews, but the West Sands is no use for bird-watching - there are usually a few waders but I've never seen anything else much.  Tentsmuir on the other hand, is great.  You do require transport to get there though, it's a bit out of the way.
Loads of gannets and terns today, diving near the sandbanks.  Gannets are my favourite bird, or at least are in my top five.  Terns are also great to watch.  There was a variety of gulls, and waders, including, I think, although I am not good on waders, grey plovers.  I was hoping to spot a dolphin or seals, but didn't. I think I might have been at the wrong end of the beach.
We were there at the turning of the tide.  I am unsure if that has any significance.

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