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Friday, 24 October 2014

Now Reading....A Female Genius (Ada Lovelace)

Just a quick update on my latest reading material.  I appreciate that this will be of no interest whatever to anyone, not even to me actually, but having mentioned my most recent library loans a few weeks ago (yes, it's taken me that long to plough through (two of) them) I feel I need to at least make a gesture towards continuity.
I finished Tony Benn's last Diaries - A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine, and I did enjoy them but with some reservations, previously noted.
I returned the William Burroughs unread - unopened actually.  I just was not in the mood.
I am now nearly halfway through the book about Ada Lovelace and am really enjoying it.  I love a good biography.  I know quite a lot about the Romantic era as I went through a 'phase' in the early 90s, and so some of the background was familiar to me.  The book (by James Essinger) is written in an entertaining style but I must say the editing isn't impressive and the writing feels quite sloppy at times, which I find annoying.  It also makes me wonder about its historical accuracy - if they're careless about one aspect perhaps they've let other things slide.  Publishers should at least take the trouble to tidy these things up, surely?  I'm hazarding a guess that Essinger is probably quite young (I haven't Googled) and that his editor is too.  Anyway, the book is an entertaining read and I'll 'romp' through it within the next few days.
Due to me forgetting when my books were due to be renewed, I now owe the library £4.50, by the way.  Anyone wishing to help me out with this dreadful sum can donate via the tea and biscuits Paypal button on the right hand side of the page.

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