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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Blog and Writing Update

A very brief update on my latest...whatever.
1.  re. my Book Week pledge - I kept this, much to my own astonishment.  And not without a modicum of difficulty;  my local Cancer Research usually has a fairly reasonable selection of books, but when I went in on my book week quest the shelves were filled with dreadful, smelly old cookery books and Maeve Binchy.  Almost as bad as the local library!  '1599 - A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare', by James Shapiro, and 'Rat Pack Confidential' by Shawn Levy were the best I could find.  Two for a pound, so I won't complain.  Rat Pack Confidential was the only showbiz book they had by the way - and it's disappointing.  I'm almost a third of the way through it and it isn't really telling me anything I don't already know.
2. The Novel Progress Chart is somewhere underneath a vast pile of stuff that needs filing, i.e. putting in the box under the bed where everything boring but which probably shouldn't be thrown out, goes. Which gives you an idea of how well THAT'S going.
3.  I've got another free download starting later today (11th).  This time it's Sea Penguin Part 4 - The Soul Extractor.  I'll post a link later.  I feel bad about punting this again - I really need to write some new material.

More later - hopefully.  Now I must sleep. 

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