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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Can't see the wood for the trees sometimes.
Solstice approaches, it's all but dark by mid-afternoon and everything's quiet, as it should be.  There's an unsettling when it's mild, as it is today, and you sense an underlying restlessness - flutterings, rustlings, new growth pushing through.  Spring is not far away, really, the wheel of life is turning and you know that nothing ever really dies.
There are lots of woods nearby.  A few are especially popular with dog-walkers, so Sundays are best avoided if you want to see wildlife.  On a week day you might see roe deer, red squirrels, occasionally a fox.  Certainly you'll hear , if not see, jays. Buzzards fly out from the trees to the fields, scouting for food.  Looking up through a break in the trees you're likely to see a skein of geese, although you'll hear them first.  Once I saw a goshawk.
Lots of little birds in the undergrowth and smaller trees at the edge - wrens, robins, tits and the like. Plenty of rabbit holes.

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