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Monday, 1 December 2014

The Scrying Pool

 scrying pool

Today,  Geoffrey and I took a trip to the scrying pool (pictured), which is located By the Big Rock, high on the moors.
Why?  Well, Apsley Fulmar lost a Euromillions ticket yesterday, and word has it that it's a winner.  He and Cherry are frantic - they've combed all the obvious places, beginning with the top of the fridge, the mantlepiece, the bathroom shelf, their coat and trouser pockets, and then widening it out to everyone's coat and trouser pockets, the cliffs, the tourist car park, and the Puff Inn toylits - nothing, apparently, except a few bent coppers, a 1962 edition of the Bunty 'bumper' summer special, five milk chews, a packet of Smith's cheese and onion crisps, two empty Kestrel lager tins (squashed), Shergar (alive and kicking),  'Lucky' Lucan (likewise), and enough fluff to stuff the giant of Brogdingnag's sofa.
As they're incomers, Apsley and Cherry don't know about the scrying pool.  We, however, do.
So, we thought we'd see if it might offer up some information.
It didn't.
Hard though we tried  scried, we could see nothing but the reflection of a clear blue sky and some trees and weeds and such-like.
Strange, because it was pouring with rain, the wind was howling like a pack of deranged wolves, and we have no trees, Hereabouts....
We tottered homewards through the foul weather, sustained by thoughts of toasting vast sausages over a roaring fire, basting them with a mixture of their own fat, wholegrain mustard and red AND brown sauces, and then napping on the settee after washing them down with several pewter mugfuls of Madeira, heated of course, using the rather devil-may-care but tried and tested method of plunging a red hot poker in.
The Euromillions ticket remains at large...for now........

more about that, later.

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