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Friday, 26 December 2014

Today's Walk.....Christmas Day

We had our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, and went for a long-ish walk on Christmas day, taking coffee, sandwiches made from leftovers, gingerbread, and oranges for a picnic by a loch a few miles away.  Cold, clear blue skies - red kites and buzzards displaying high above, roe deer grazing in the woods, hosts of small birds in the lower trees. Right on top of a pine tree I think I saw a crossbill. The loch was half-frozen over, and two whooper swans swam slowly to and fro in the open water, accompanied by a group of mallards.  The drakes' feathers were iridescent on the sunshine and had I a better camera I could have got some terrific photos.  The path alongside was icy with puddles that crunched and snapped satisfyingly underfoot and feeling invigorated (much to our surprise, because we felt like a pair of wrecks before we started) we walked on to a second loch.  It was bone-chillingly cold so we didn't linger.   As the sun began to sink and we followed the path home through the darkening woods we got that eery, slightly spooked feeling that one associates with Christmas, and we felt deeply thankful for our health, which allows us to enjoy such walks, and for our home.

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