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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Two Walks - to the woods

An icy afternoon walk along a farm track by a loch, which shelters a good range of ducks,  geese and swans, and onwards to a large wood.
We saw several wild whooper swans flying low over the fields, and then another one followed;  we hoped it managed to catch up.
I forgot to take my binoculars so couldn't identify any other wildfowl on the loch.  No geese, I think, which is unusual, and only a couple of flights of small ducks.  No other birds apparent on land apart from some very subdued tweeting sounds from the bushes, long tailed tits possibly. And two robins by the gate.
We didn't walk into the woods - it felt very Little Red Riding Hood.  Everything cold and dank and silent and still.  Waiting...

Yesterday I walked round another nearby field, and saw a flock of reed warblers, and two roe deer running through a snowstorm.

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