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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sorry - no new posts (apart from this one) probably till Monday or Tuesday.  I'm a bit busy doing a 'job' *chokes slightly, recovers - needs must*.
I've also been completely gob-smacked by events in Paris.  It's stopped me in my tracks a bit.  If it had happened in any other place it would have appalled me, but Paris feels especially close to home.  As a teenager I read a lot of French and American twentieth century literature and I desperately wanted to go there,  I DID go there, and in fact I spent quite a bit of time there (nothing fancy - doing a very boring job) when I was in my early twenties;  after that, I returned for numerous short visits whenever I could afford it, and later on I studied continental philosophy at university.  I love a lot of French literature and art, I love the cultural diversity of Paris, and generally always feel a very positive psychological connection with it, so to see such a vicious attack right at its heart is quite hard to absorb.  At the same time, given the way the world is now, it isn't altogether surprising, I'm sad to say.
I've been reading a lot of the comment around 'free speech' - my own view is that it should be just that in the artistic and literary field - 'free'.  There shouldn't be any limits outwith the personal sphere, unless you are actually harming another living being.  If I'm having a conversation with a group of people or a person whose beliefs differ from mine then I'll respect that out of decency and politeness, and will self-censor accordingly - if I'm writing a book or an article or painting a picture, then that is a different matter entirely.  I suppose that is where the arguments start.
More later, perhaps...

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