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Friday, 6 February 2015

Today's Walk - Lintrathen and Reekie Linn

A walk part of the way round Lintrathen loch (and reservoir), 22 miles from Dundee.  Beautiful day with clear blue skies and a sense despite the cold that Spring is not too far away.  Lintrathen and Backwater reservoirs have provided water for the city and probably most of the surrounding villages and towns for many years.  Lintrathen dates back to the Victorian era and has been extended twice since, due to demand from an expanding population.  It has a nice Victorian dam and wall and the hamlet of Bridgend of Lintrathen is very pretty .  Backwater - which I've blogged before - was constructed post-WW2, and despite its dramatic setting it is in my view much less attractive structurally. It reminds me of Pitlochry dam, which I've also blogged (click on the links below this post to find it, among my other 'walks').
Lintrathen loch was almost entirely frozen over today, but as we walked round we saw large numbers of geese far out in the open stretches.  Too far out for me to get a really good look even with binoculars.  We went into the Scottish Wildlife Trust hide at the western edge but there was nothing much to see from there, due to the extent of the ice.
We then drove round the short distance to Bridge of Craigisla and Reekie Linn car park and walked to the viewpoint to see the falls.  I believe there's to be a hydro electric scheme further up the river (Isla) and this, in time, is likely to affect the volume of water.  Make the most of it while you can.
I believe also that two wind-farms are at the planning stage - I'll be objecting to both.  There are quite enough turbines spoiling the landscape in that area already.

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