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"A Scottish Wind in the Willows on high end skunk."

"I enjoy Kate's stories..."
"A fun and spooky read..."

"The characters are so involving and
loveable that you do want them to really exist. It does read like you've
stumbled across someone's long lost diary from and alternate timeline/universe.
I quickly got into the story and loved every second of reading it...
total gem of a read by an author who deserves a lot more recognition."


Tuesday, 31 March 2015

This week's free download is...

St Kilda
Sea Penguin Part Two.  Here is the link.

Part Two in the Sea Penguin Selections series; adapted from Sea Penguin blog, with art work by BW Nicol. 
Features the characters and more from Sea Penguin: Part One, all still muddling through and clinging on to life on the rapidly-crumbling cliff edge. Episodes include Tuppy being trapped in the belly of a killer whale; a trip in a time machine to rescue some sheep from a prison ship/slaughterhouse; a disastrous bathe in a sewage-spouting jacuzzi; and numerous discussions by the fire about life and death and the relative merits of differing brands of fish fingers. Everything is made just about tolerable by the ingestion of numerous steaming mugs of Madeira, opium, sausages, and bags of salty snax. 

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