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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Today's Walk - by the river

Wild garlic really coming through now


More 'prayer flags'

A forest of pussy willows - sprouting from trees pushed over and chewed by beavers

I walked a convenient circuit by the local river on my way home from the shops.  Freezing cold with intermittent sleet, but there was a rainbow for a while, and the occasional patch of blue sky.  I saw a flock of about twenty oystercatchers, all very vocal and active, three goosanders - two females with a drake in magnificent breeding plumage - and a beautiful yellowhammer.  And a wren.  I usually see dippers, but they were not around today.
Everything is starting to green up at last and in a week or two the Somme/Mordor-like feel will be all but a memory.
I wonder what this summer will bring?  For starters I hope to get a new camera with a decent zoom next month, and I look forward to attempting some better photographs. 

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