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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Today's Walk - Hermitage to Rumbling Bridge

Half way between the two

Approaching Rumbling Bridge - spray from the waterfall looks like smoke

A rainbow appeared above the falls

I've blogged this one before (last February I think).  We didn't actually bother walking past the main Hermitage falls today because with it being a Sunday it was very busy - instead, we followed the quieter, upper path up river and then across the grassy half-mile-or-so expanse that leads to Rumbling Bridge.  It's very pleasant on a sunny day but it does get busy on weekends.  By busy, I mean you might pass a dozen or so people during your walk, if you head to Rumbling Bridge.  Round the Hermitage itself, it gets almost crowded.  They even have an ice-cream/burger van there in the summer season.
On a week day, however, you're very likely to have the place to yourself.
As I mentioned last year,  Rumbling Bridge is the site of Millais' painting The Sound of Many Waters, which is now on display, as far as I know, in Fyvie Castle.
Perthshire's a pretty good place for waterfalls.  I'd say Rumbling Bridge is one of the best - more spectacular than the more popular Hermitage, and well worth a visit if you like that kind of thing.
Rumbling Bridge falls from the viewpoint - taken last February

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