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Friday, 20 March 2015

Today's Walk - in my own garden

(No pics - I can't stretch to that today.  I might post a couple tomorrow.)
Energy levels still not up to scratch post-flu, so I pottered in the garden and got up to speed with my digging and pruning.  Most of it, anyway.
My garden isn't very private, so people tend to stop and chat over the fence as they pass.  This always surprises me, as I'm not much of a chatter.  Or so I like to think.  And I always feel that I look really unprepossessing, and not at all like someone anyone else might want to chat to.  So it's quite nice to be proved wrong.
People do like a garden.  I'm equally surprised - pleasantly - when anyone says they like mine.  It's run on an absolute shoestring, and it isn't tidy.  There are no expensive or showy plants, except when the big poppies come out.  And, my vegetables aren't that spectacular, except for the marrows.  I always feel that I'd be as well nipping to Tesco.  It'd be a lot less bother.  But people's comments encourage me, and I do like the sensation of having contact with the earth and growing things.  I also love seeing the reactions of birds and other garden residents, such as toads and bees. There used to be hedgehogs, and one of the great pleasures of being outside on a summer night was hearing them rustling among  the beans and lettuce; but they're much rarer now.  I did notice droppings by the marrow plants last autumn, and I've left a large pile of vegetation around the compost bin behind the shed in case one is hibernating there.  It would be a good spot.  I haven't yet lifted the lid of the bin to see if the resident toad's there.  I'll leave it for a week or two yet.
You learn a lot from being around plants and creatures.  Someone said today, a garden gives you Hope, and so it does.  Plants sprout again from the earth after bitter, bitter cold and months of darkness. It's a cliche but it really is like a miracle.  It demonstrates a kind of sense of the eternal return, or at least allows you a space in which you can believe in its possibility, and in balance, and the necessity of balance.
The garden's a good place to be when you've no energy for walking.
But walking's better.  Next week, with luck.

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