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Monday, 30 March 2015

Today's Walk....

Over the hills and far away....
Well I walked for a mile or two nearby, at least.  Everything still very brown, apart from moss and the occasional daffodil, and the wind was absolutely freezing.  Far in the distance to the west/north west I could see that it was snowing on the mountains.
Quite a few well-grown lambs in the fields, which given recent weather must have been born in sheds I imagine.  I also saw three magpies by the farm.  Magpies are birds that I used to only associate with Edinburgh and 'the south', but this year for the first time ever, I've seen several in this area, mainly in gardens. Curious to see them today in the wider countryside.   No idea why they've moved north, and no idea if it's a Good Sign, or not.
It feels good to walk.  I'm grateful that I CAN walk.  So glad to put one foot in front of the other, and breathe without effort, and move myself along, and look, and listen, and feel the weather, good or bad, like the other living creatures I see around me.
I have aches and pains, and arthritic knees, and a dodgy foot, and bad eyesight, and I'm horribly aware of my own mortality and frailty as a human being.  I hope there will come a time when I can remove the word 'horribly', and simply be aware.
Our existence here is temporary.  We're merely passing through.
Or are we?  Do our souls survive in some form, after our bodies return to dust?  Is there a pattern and a meaning somewhere?  I don't know.
Meanwhile I appreciate every step, and every breath.

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