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Friday, 17 April 2015

Today's Walk - down the road a bit.

A field near my house.  I expect it will be built over before long.

Ivy - reminds me of an enormous shaggy dog.

Dandelions very pretty just now.

Two among many abandoned bags of dog muck.

Great tits, blue tits, and goldfinches flitting from tree to tree.

A stroll down the road before tea.  Beautiful sunny evening.  Won't be long till the hawthorn comes into flower.  Meanwhile everything is in bud and the birds abound.  The trees by the burn were alive with robins, blackbirds, blue tits, great tits, and goldfinches, and rooks and crows flapped and cawed away in the field.  I haven't seen any green-finches yet.  Usually there are quite a few.  No song thrushes in evidence, either.  I'll keep looking.
If I'd walked a bit further I'm sure I'd have seen yellowhammers and buzzards in the large field at the bottom of the road.
As I stood and watched a blue tit perching at the top of a hawthorn tree and the blueness of the sky beyond I felt the beauty and privilege of Life.  And then you remember the dark side and the pain and the wars and the awful suffering, and you wonder what on Earth's it all about.

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