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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Book of the Week, or 'This Week's Book' - Calcium Made Interesting, by Graham Chapman

One of my recent Amazon 1p. purchases just arrived.  I've had a quick look and I'm not disappointed.  Well, at 1p. (plus £2.68 P & P) how could I be?
Graham Chapman is one of those few who stride courageously into the outer reaches of the ridiculous, and then stay there, poking around, wobbling on that thin wire that separates comedy from disintegration and nothingness, beyond the point when it would have been sensible to leave.  I think you have to do this if you want to understand Life.  Or perhaps (probably?) you don't.  Who knows?  At any rate, it's one approach, and that is his appeal, for me.
I'm expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did 'A Liar's Autobiography'.
I like all nonsense writers and one that I'm currently investigating is Edward Lear.  I'm planning an Amazon 1p. browse later today.  If I find anything that grabs me I'll let you know.   Meanwhile, here's a link to an interesting short biography.
Runcible spoons all round.

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