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Monday, 1 June 2015

My Current Reading Material.

I just finished Calcium Made Interesting, by Graham Chapman (previously mentioned).  It's good late-night reading, because it doesn't tax the brain, and you can also flick through it and read random bits that catch your fancy.  I expected it to be like A Liar's Autobiography, which I loved, but it isn't really.  It's much more lucid.  Essays, fragments, jottings, ideas.
Anyway, I liked it, and I expect I'll read it again.
I'm now well into West's World, by Lorna Gibb - a biography of Rebecca West, and quite enjoying it, despite the slating it received in the Guardian .
So many biographies these days seem to be badly written and edited (if edited at all).  It's so difficult to get published in the mainstream press, and yet they churn out that kind of shoddiness.  They seem to think that a famous name on the cover will draw people in (it often did me, till I became more wary) and that quality is not important.  It doesn't make sense to me.  Ripping off readers, that's what I reckon.
I wouldn't say the West book is on that level at all.  It seems OK to me so far - but having read the Guardian review, I'll reserve final judgment till the last page.

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