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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Today's Walk - in the Spooky Woods

Foxgloves and ferns in the shade of a beech tree

An old aluminium tea pot - looks like someone's used it for target practice

A fairy door at the base of an oak tree

Family of fungi
Ferns (obviously...)
An ornamental horse chestnut, pink candles falling

Yellowhammer - in the fields on the way home - one of my absolute top favourite birds

The thing about woods is they can be a bit spooky, and I definitely had the feeling when picking my way through ferns and nettles that it would be a perfect place to hide a body - if one was so inclined.
Lots of pretty things around - tall foxgloves, ferns, a fairy door in a ornamental horse chestnut, broken in half by a storm, but still in flower...all of them emanating just about the right amount of the 'uncanny' to make you feel that perhaps you might not like to stay around after dark.
Besides, there was plenty of evidence that 'others' used the woods.  Broken bottles, spent cartridges, a teapot with holes in...I thought I hadn't lingered long but when I got home I realised I'd been away for nearly three hours.

In other news...I'm working (very slowly) on a story that I plan to submit..somewhere. It's about half-finished.  I'll also do a Tuppy and Geoffrey blog post very soon, perhaps this evening.

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