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Friday, 5 June 2015

Today's Walk....

Oak trees.  Willows.  Alder.  Elm.  Birch.  Sycamore.  Comfrey.  Hawthorn. Wild campion.  Butterbur. Cow parsley.  Wild garlic and buttercups galore.  So many plants and trees growing wild,  all around this area at the moment.  And still the weather feels brutal - fire on at night, hot water bottles, winter duvets.  There aren't many bees or butterflies to be seen.  Plenty of swallows and martins however - a delight as they fly low and fast as one walks, unbelievably skillful, missing one's face by inches.  A few swifts.
I still have not had a really good osprey sighting this season.  I saw one fly from the nest at Loch of the Lowes, but I don't count that, as I was watching from the hide.  A properly satisfying sighting has to be unexpected and completely in the wild, not on a reserve.  For me, that is.
The weather is fine further south, but here, it remains 'unsettled'.

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