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Monday, 2 January 2017

Quite a few people downloaded the Tuppy and Geoffrey stories during the festive free promotion - about forty I think, in the UK, USA and France.  I've also actually sold - for real cash munny - two further books.  Thank you very much!   I've lost track of how many have sold or been downloaded for free over the five years since publishing them but it's at least several hundred - possibly into the low thousands.  I'm not flattering myself by thinking that everyone's actually read them.  In fact I'm guessing that probably more than a fair few are languishing unread in people's unwanted Kindles or in discarded hard drives on skips (sorry - recycling centres).  Others will have been given up on in distaste and/or scorn after page one. Or possibly after paragraph one.  I can't say I can blame anyone for that.  I know I can do better, and this year I aim to!
I began writing Tuppy and Geoffrey in 2008 after dropping out of a Master's/PhD in philosophy.  My brain wanted exercise and distraction and lots of it and so I began.  
Nine years later and my brain has become sluggish and very very lazy.  It isn't just that though.  I'm getting old and the daily worry of earning a crust and surviving generally has been considerable of late.  Writing requires boredom and a questing spirit and I haven't had the luxury of either for far too long.  I still don't.  Nevertheless I have a strong urge to get going with things again and - if I'm spared - I think I should manage something in 2017, as I lurch blindly from month to month.

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