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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Seapenguin now available in paperback

At last I've finished re-editing Seapenguins 1 to 4 and have published them as a single volume paperback of 230 pages.  It's now available to buy on Amazon for £6.99 plus P&P.
I wrote most of Seapenguin when I was going through what appeared to me at the time to be fearsomely tricky challenges and I gained comfort from escaping into that world and also from reading about Captain Scott and his companions and their travails through the Antarctic wastes.  Captain Scott gets a few mentions in Seapenguin.
It's a bit of a faff self-publishing but it's the only way to do it for me as I've no agent and nobody in the professional writing world has any interest in my work (not that I've asked).  However I know from reactions to the blog in years gone by and from more recent e-book sales and Twitter feedback that some readers enjoy it; it also represents several years of my life, more accurately my inner life and my domestic life with my dear partner Barry, who provided so much inspiration as well as the illustrations, and our friendship with Jim who also provided inspiration in the form of badly-cooked fish fingers and kindly provided the images of St Kilda, so it's satisfying to give the characters, myself, Barry, Jim and the readers some overdue respect and produce this strange and convoluted representation of our lives in what I think is a pleasing and tidy format.  I'll probably have Seapenguins 5 and 6 available similarly in paperback within the next few weeks.
The cover photograph was taken by me a couple of years ago in Carsaig, Isle of Mull, and fans of Powell and Pressburger films will recognise it from I Know Where I'm Going. There's also a thumbnail photograph of me on the back which was taken by Barry at the memorial to Captain Scott in Glen Prosen - featured on this blog some time ago.
More work is in the pipeline by the way - and it's going to be better than Seapenguin.  Onwards!

(update - I've completed aforementioned Seapenguins 5 and 6 in a second paperback, Seapenguin (2) )

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