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Saturday, 1 April 2017

The Andrew Oldham Orchestra - Da Doo Ron Ron

I had a listen to this because I've just been reading the bit in 'Stoned' by Andrew Loog Oldham where he mentions its recording.  I've been reading a series of books about the Rolling Stones actually - 'Up and Down with the Rolling Stones' by Tony Sanchez, 'Faithfull' by Marianne Faithfull, and Keith Richards 'Life'.  I got them all as penny Amazon buys except for the Keith Richards' one, which I borrowed from the library.

I found them all fairly dull to be honest.  Life with the Rolling Stones sounds pretty ghastly.  Drugs and ghastliness and drugs and back-stabbing and drugs and ghastliness.  Of course all these books are accounts of early to mid-era Stones.  I suppose they've been treating it as a business, a capitalist rather than a musical endeavour, since about 1975, and if you look at it like that then perhaps life within their inner circle since then might be tolerable, cushioned by lots of cash rather than, perhaps, as was the case until the mid-70s, drugs.

I might get Andrew Loog Oldham's follow-ups to Stoned (can't remember the title, but I think there are two at least) because there are some interesting nuggets about the music industry over the years that make it worthwhile persevering despite his slightly irritating and indirect writing style.

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