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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Seapenguin (2) now available in paperback

Ah well.  Job finally done.  That's all the old blog material from 2008 through to about 2012 edited and tidied away into two paperback volumes comprising all six e-books (edited again) plus a short story.  Here's the link.
I feel I've now done my best by Tuppy and Geoffrey and their lives, habits, thoughts and adventures, which seem so very strange to some and not at all strange to me.  Although they emerged from my own head I feel I know them externally, as friends, so they might well re-appear at some point.  I've already written about some other Seapenguin characters in material which I hope will appear in print in due course.
My next project is a trip to Skye in September or thereabouts, to leave copies of the books in a couple of places that were significant to me in terms of inspiration for the writing of them.  I might write an account of it, if all goes to plan.

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