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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Right.  Regarding the prospect of a Yes outcome, I think we've moved, today,  from shock and crisis mode through grief and dismay mode through victim mode through to coping mode.  We've had to pull ourselves together, and think, how do we face this independence carry-on, if it happens, in a positive way that feels right to us?
We now have a Plan A and a Plan B.  And we're working on a Plan C.
It's not a bad thing actually because it refreshes and focuses the mind.
This is a totally bizarre experience.  I intend to vote no, for practical reasons and because I prefer to keep the UK together, and face its undoubted problems along with the other three countries.  If there is a No vote,  perhaps it will bring the promised change that will help those that need it. I think there is just as much chance of that happening within the UK as there is within an independent Scotland - but only if people remain engaged with politics and make their voices heard, loud and clear.  I think that in an independent Scotland, a self-interested 'Holyrood elite' will immediately replace the despised 'Westminster elite'.   And when I consider who that might include, it's not an inviting prospect.
'This is what the people of Scotland want...' Really?  I'm a person of Scotland, and I don't want what you want.
I'm not keen on the public face of the No side, either, although I am definitely a No voter.  The celebs that have come out in support are not people for whom, by and large, I have a huge amount of time.  But the Yes lot are far, far worse.  The whole celebrity endorsement thing is horrendously cringey across the board.
Looks that way from where I'm sitting, anyway.
I feel like a threadbare old buzzard, perched on a telegraph pole, watching events from a distance through squinting eyes.

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