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Saturday, 13 September 2014

The referendum certainly sharpens your wits (up to a point...) and forces you to think about things you formerly took for granted.  I do not want to see the UK broken up.  I did not realise how strongly I felt about that until I was faced with a choice.
Some of the things I find myself saying and some of the people with whom I now find common cause sit uncomfortably with me.  When I looked round at my fellow attendees at the Usher Hall last night, I felt that perhaps I was not in the best of company.  But that doesn't alter my view. I think that separation is a mistake and I do not want it.
I find myself saying 'The UK has done great things' and 'the British people who fought in the war' - and I cringe!  But it's true that the UK has done great things.  It sounds naff, but it's true.
It's done some terrible things as well.  I always have, psychologically, placed myself 'against' the prevailing 'elite' if you like, and now I find myself in support of what they represent. It doesn't feel good,  but it doesn't change my view, either.
I don't want to wipe out 300 years of history.
I dread the result, either way.  

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