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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Today's Walk

Horse chestnut tree, coming into bud.

Beavers have had a go at the saplings by the water

A dank and silent pool, that always reminds me of the one at the entrance to Moria, in Lord of the Rings

Finally it feels like Spring is, well, not quite here, but definitely On Its Way.  The snowdrops are over and suddenly daffodils are everywhere.  I went over to my regular haunt - Loch Clunie - with my binoculars, hoping to see an osprey. The male has returned to Loch of the Lowes which is just a few miles further along the road, and you just never know.  I was also keeping an eye out for kites, which I'm seeing more frequently these days.
Not today though.  I did see a number of buzzards, three whooper swans, two mute swans, and some long-tailed tits, and that was about it except for the usual pheasants, crows, and mallard ducks.  And a solitary lapwing flying over the road as I drove loch-wards - I think there might have been another sitting in a field, in fact I'm fairly sure of it, and I do hope they are a pair and will nest.
I had a look for frog spawn -  again, nothing.  It is a bit early for it here.
It's still bitterly cold when the sun goes in and the wind blows, but at least the days are longer and there is some warmth around.  
I feel that my brain is still in winter-mode.  Not just my brain - my whole system.
Perhaps I need a de-tox or something.
Or perhaps I should just wait, and see how I feel as the year unfolds...

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