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Friday, 21 August 2015

Nine Thousand Cigarettes - a new Sea Penguin story

 nine thousand cigarettes on amazon

Here is the link or click on the picture.

I don't know what to say about this one, except that it features Tuppy, Geoffrey, Tuppence, and the Tupfinder General (pictured on the cover - and like all of the other e-book covers, it's from an oil painting by Barry Nicol) so I'll just provide a few quotes and you can decide whether you'd like to read more.

'There we were, mano a mano, on a reef in the middle of an orca-infested Bay on a moonlit night at high springs.  Oh how I loathed these beastly life or death occasions.  Usually I got rid of "problems" with a sneaky dead-leg at a suitable point on a breezy cliff-top walk, but not today.'

'I followed his gaze shore-wards.  Sure enough, the cliffs were alive with the red glow of dozens of night vision goggles, binoculars and spyglasses of all descriptions as the denizens Hereabouts rushed to catch a glimpse of the Muthatrucka.'

'"But how do I know that THIS isn't a dream, Geoffrey?  I'm starting to believe that the world is all an illusion - everything - not just the nice parts.  The whole lot is a construct of our conscious and unconscious drives, needs and desires.  MY conscious and unconscious drives, needs and desires!  I'm still stuck on that reef with the T-G and the tide coming in, aren't I?  Tuppence didn't rescue me at all, did he?  I KNEW it was out of character,” I fumed.'

At 99p you might as well have a look...mightn't you?!

Find the other FIVE yes five volumes, here on my Amazon page.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Barleyfield (5)

I keep photographing barley fields - I'm fascinated by the way they look - the way the barley moves with the wind, like the sea - and the variety of plants they contain, especially around the edges.  I only wish I could get a picture of some of the creatures that must live deep within them.  I saw a huge hedgehog the other evening but it was too dark to get a photo.
At the moment it's wonderful to watch swallows and martins skimming the barley at top speed. They'll be gone in a few weeks, and so will the barley...
Till next year.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Art Work for sale

 lobster for sale in etsy shop

Please see a few new items for sale in our Etsy shop (link also via the widget at the right hand side of the page).  I'm especially fond of the lobster.  It's painted in oils on a piece of pine wood, then varnished.
They're all painted by BW Nicol, who also did the art work for my e-books.
Find my e-books here on Amazon -  a new one is on the way!  I'm thinking of putting it on Smashwords as well as Amazon this time.