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"A Scottish Wind in the Willows on high end skunk."

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"The characters are so involving and
loveable that you do want them to really exist. It does read like you've
stumbled across someone's long lost diary from and alternate timeline/universe.
I quickly got into the story and loved every second of reading it...
total gem of a read by an author who deserves a lot more recognition."


Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Midsummer Special - free ebooks

 free ebooks

All six of my old e-books featuring Tuppy, Geoffrey, Tuppence, the Tupfinder General, the Ghastly Wilson and the gang from the Rocky Outcrop are free to download over the next few days - happy summer solstice!

(please click on the picture - it links straight to my Amazon page and you will see all my books there.  There's also a link at the top of the main blog page.) 

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Point of interest - for me, at any rate.  I've just counted up how many Seapenguin e-books and paperbacks I've sold since first publishing them back in 2012.  It's over a thousand - including the free downloads of course.  From that I've made about £120.  I'm not sure whether to be pleased or not.  If I knew back then what I know now...I probably wouldn't have written them at all, which would be a shame, I think.

Easter weekend free downloads

If you haven't got them already, all six Seapenguin e-books are free to download this Easter weekend.

(Painting of Geoffrey is by Barry Nicol (c)).